What to Wear Golfing: The Ultimate Outfit Guide for Men and Women

Have a golf match coming up? Our ultimate guide for what to wear golfing will make sure you look like a pro, no matter your index.


Whether you’re attending your first golf match or building out your golf wardrobe, finding the right attire can be a daunting process. Many prestigious golf courses enforce a strict dress code along with an unspoken etiquette that sets apart the pros from the beginners. Since golf is a sport that’s often associated with the rich and famous, there are many luxury golf apparel brands dedicated to creating stylish clothes that meet the performance standards required of proper golf attire. Our guide on what to wear golfing will help you assemble the perfect outfit.

What to Wear Golfing

Golfing Outfits for Men

Men’s golfing attire is fairly straightforward. Men should wear a collared shirt with short sleeves and tailored or fitted slacks. During the cold seasons, it is acceptable to wear polo shirts with long sleeves and additional layers. Almost every golf course permits shorts, but it’s important to check your club’s dress code to know what length shorts and accompanying socks are appropriate to wear. All these standards might be intimidating at first, but our guide is here to help demystify the ideal golfing outfit for men.

Polo Shirts

Specifically, men are required to wear collared shirts on many golf courses. Most will opt for a polo shirt that is breathable enough to wear while golfing on warm and humid days. 

Vests, Jackets and Light Sweaters

An 18-hole golf match can last anywhere from four to five and a half hours, so you’ll want to prepare yourself with light layers if you know that temperatures will be on the colder side.

Slacks and Shorts

Men are often required to wear fitted or tailored slacks, usually with belt loops. Golf shorts are usually allowed on courses, and the standard is that they fall at least an inch or two above the knee. No soccer shorts or shorts with drawstrings are allowed on most courses. 

Soft-spiked Golf Shoes 

A key component of golf attire is shoes. Only pros wear steel-spiked golf shoes, which are generally not allowed on standard courses. The most popular type of golf shoe has soft spikes that are made of rubber or plastic. Soft-spiked golf shoes provide traction without ruining the course’s grass, making them the standard for golf shoes. 

Spikeless Golf Shoes

The drawback of wearing spikeless golf shoes is that they offer less grip and stability on uneven or wet grounds. However, if you experience stud pressure from soft-spiked shoes, then wearing spikeless golf shoes is allowed. They still incorporate larger rubber studs to keep you relatively steady while you play. 


Many golf courses require wearing a belt as part of their dress code. Belts are a great way to add flair to a golfing outfit, but it’s important to keep comfort in mind so that you play your best. The ideal golfing belt is sturdy yet flexible, optimizing your level of mobility.

Golf Outfits for Women

Women’s golfing attire is slightly more complicated than men’s. Like men, women normally wear a collared shirt, but any modest long- or short-sleeved top is usually permitted as a golf shirt, except at very traditional clubs. Women can also wear golf dresses, skirts, or skorts, as long as they meet the standard of being at least mid-thigh length. Some golf courses have stricter guidelines on skirt length, so it’s best to be safe and check with your club. Even if it isn’t an enforced rule, if you’re going to wear jewelry, tightly fitting jewelry is recommended to avoid hindering your performance. Here’s our guide to golf outfits for women. 

Polo Shirts

While collared shirts aren’t always strictly enforced for women, polo shirts are the norm for women’s golfing tops. Short-sleeved, long-sleeved, and sleeveless polo shirts are allowed. Traditional golf brands make great women’s golfing shirts, but you can also find options from fashion brands with golfing capsule collections. 

Golf Dresses

Golf dresses are a great way to keep stylish on the course. Unlike regular dresses, golf dresses are made with activewear fabric so that they’re breathable enough to play in. Fashion and dedicated golf apparel brands offer plenty of options for chic golf dresses. Here are a few of our favorites. 

Skirts and Skorts

Women frequently wear a skirt or a skort on the course. The following options are great for golfing, but it’s imperative that you choose a skirt or skort with enough coverage depending on your height and body proportion.

Vests, Jackets, and Light Sweaters 

Again, golf matches are fairly long, so you’ll want to prepare yourself with light layers if it’s chilly. Here are some great options for women. 

Golf Shoes

These women’s golf shoes are modern and contain all the performance attributes you’ll need, including spikeless rubber outsoles and waterproof materials.

Golf Accessories

Accessories can be just as important as any other golfing attire. Here’s what you’ll need to make sure nothing interferes with your prospects for a hole in one.

Baseball Caps

Golfing requires essential skills like control and accuracy. That means you’ll want to eliminate external factors that have the potential to impact your performance, such as wind and sun. Baseball caps are a great way to shield your eyes and face from the sun, allowing you to perfect your aim. 


A visor is another great accessory for preventing the sun from getting in your eyes without the concern of hat hair. Many brands offer stylish visors, these two being excellent options. 

Golf Glove

Bare hands can be slippery, so wearing a glove can help tighten your grip around a golf club. Right-handed golfers wear a glove on their left hand, and left-handed golfers wear a glove on their right. 

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