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Heart Jewelry for Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Show your love year-round with a gorgeous piece of heart jewelry.


Many girls’ first piece of “nice” jewelry is a heart-shape best friend’s necklace, so it’s no surprise that heart jewelry remains a popular style for women of all ages. While heart jewelry is a classic gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and anniversaries, you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to wear it. Our selection includes many chic, contemporary interpretations of traditional heart jewelry that even the most anti-romantic person is sure to love. 


Cadar’s Endless cocktail ring is one of the most innovative rings we have seen. This ring has three movable heart-shape sections set within each other. They move, so you can wear the ring with all of them flat, or open the hearts to create a piece full of volume and movement. The edge of each heart is set with pavé diamonds, which give an unexpected flash of sparkle when worn open. 

Cadar Endless cocktail ring in 18K rose gold with .49 carats diamond, $13,000 

Anita Ko

Even Anita Ko, the queen of cool-girl jewelry, embraces heart jewelry. This tennis bracelet features heart-shape diamonds set in 18K rose gold. In total, nearly 7 carats of diamonds are in each bracelet.  

Anita Ko Heart tennis bracelet in 18K rose gold with 6.96 carats diamond, $37,700 


One of Chopard’s signature designs is the Happy Hearts collection, which features a dizzying array of heart jewelry. This coil bracelet is a subtle way to wear your heart on your sleeve. The triple-coil bracelet has a diamond-set heart on one end and a petite clear heart on the other. Within this small heart is another Chopard signature, the floating diamonds. This bezel-set diamond twirls within its heart-shape setting as you move. 

Chopard Happy Hearts coil bracelet in 18K rose gold with .12 carats diamond, $9,380 


Bayco’s jewelry features exceptional gemstones of the highest quality. These heart earrings showcase the many different colors sapphire comes in. Each heart-shape fancy-colored sapphire is separated by a round brilliant-cut diamond. 

Bayco Heart earrings in platinum with 10.87 carats multicolored sapphires and 1.49 carats diamond, $46,000

Jennifer Meyer

Jennifer Meyer is known for her gorgeous heart necklaces, which come in a wide variety of styles. This heart necklace is set with rose-cut diamonds. With their subtle sparkle, rose-cut diamonds are considered to be one of the more romantic diamond cuts. 

Jennifer Meyer Heart necklace in 18K yellow gold with 1.14 carats rose-cut diamond, $8,950


Go all-in on romance with these Wave earrings from Piranesi. Instead of a classic heart shape, they have an organic, wavy look, which makes them ultra-wearable. They are set with nearly 15 carats of pink sapphire in different sizes. 

Piranesi large Heart Wave earrings in 18K rose gold with 14.90 carats pink sapphire, $12,140

Moritz Glik

Moritz Glik’s Kaleidoscope Shaker collection is instantly recognizable. Glik places loose diamonds and gemstones within a white sapphire crystal (like a watch case), where they shake shake shake as you move. Loose diamonds fill this substantial heart pendant necklace. 

Moritz Glik Amora Heart pendant necklace in 18K yellow gold and white sapphire with 1.90 carats diamond, $6,400 

Emily P Wheeler

These sweet earrings from Emily P Wheeler feature three concentric hearts. The largest is composed of pink sapphire. A beautiful heart-shape Australian opal encircled by a yellow gold heart is within. The pink sapphires beautifully complement the fiery colors of the opal. 

Emily P Wheeler opal heart earrings in 18K yellow and white gold with 6.84 carats of Australian opal and 3.57 carats of pink sapphire, $12,000

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