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Take Flight With Gorgeous Feather Jewelry

From diamond-encrusted bracelets to golden earrings, there’s no shortage of fabulous feather jewelry to wear today.


Feather jewelry has come a long way since its heyday in the 1960s, when hippies adorned themselves with real feathers. Today’s designers craft beautiful feather jewelry using gold, diamonds, and gemstones. Some create ultra-realistic feathers complete with exquisite details, while others craft more abstract, romantic plumes that highlight significant gemstones and pearls. 


Sutra Feather bracelet

This dreamy bracelet from Sutra will become your new favorite piece of jewelry. It features silky diamond feather barbs that encircle the wrist. The bracelet is extremely flexible, too. We love this updated take on a classic diamond bracelet. 

Sutra Feather bracelet in 18K white gold with 11.3 carats diamond, $30,000


Boucheron Feather earrings

Boucheron has a full collection, Plume de Paon, that takes inspiration from peacock feathers. Frédéric Boucheron himself designed the maison’s first Peacock feather necklace, capturing the intricate details and natural beauty of the feather. While Boucheron has many significant pieces of high jewelry depicting feathers, these earrings are a more casual way to wear them. The 18K rose gold feathers appear to float up the ear. They are fully set with pavé diamonds, and each features a rose-cut diamond at the center. 

Boucheron Feather earrings in 18K rose gold with .45 carats rose-cut diamond and .69 carats pavé diamond, $18,650


Cadar large Feather earrings

Cadar’s sharp, architectural Feather earrings are ultra-modern. The highly polished 18K yellow gold shines brightly as you move, thanks to the articulated barbs. 

Cadar Large Feather earrings in 18K yellow gold, $6,600


Mikimoto Feather necklace

While Mikimoto might be best known for its classic pearl jewelry, it also creates gorgeous diamond jewelry. This feather necklace features curving diamond and white gold barbs that swirl around a 7.5mm Akoya pearl. 

Mikimoto Feather necklace in 18K white gold with 7.5mm Akoya pearl and .47 carats diamond, $7,600

Saboo Fine Jewels

Saboo Titanium Sapphire Feather earrings

These stunning earrings from Saboo Fine Jewels are a brilliant rendition of a peacock feather. Saboo used multicolor titanium instead of gold for the base. This allowed them to create a range of colors, including pink, blue, and green, to re-create the nuances of a peacock feather. The spine and barbs of the feather are set with diamonds, and the eyes of the feather feature blue sapphires encircled by diamonds. 

Saboo Fine Jewels Elemento Peacock Feather earrings in titanium with 1.80 carats diamond and .89 carats sapphire, $39,900

Jacquie Aiche

Jacquie Aiche Feather ring

Jacquie Aiche’s boho aesthetic comes to life in this gorgeous ring. The ring is crafted from 14K gold and features two feathers that wrap around the finger with a line of diamonds along the spine. It is available in rose, yellow, and white gold. Jacquie Aiche has a full feather collection with earrings, bracelets, necklaces, as well as men’s jewelry. The company makes each piece to order in the US. 

Jacquie Aiche Feather ring in 14K rose gold with diamond, $2,375


Verdura Feather Hoop earrings

Verdura is one of New York City’s most legendary jewelers. The company was founded in 1939 and is known for its unique designs, many of which are instantly recognizable. Verdura first created its feather motif in the 1950s and has created many renditions since. These earrings are crafted from rich 18K yellow gold, which is another Verdura design signature. 

Verdura Feather hoop earrings in 18K yellow gold and platinum with .62 carats diamond, $19,500

Sidney Garber

Sidney Garber Alessandra necklace

The Alessandra necklace from Sidney Garber is perfect for those who want an abstract feather. This curved feather is completely covered in pavé diamonds, totaling 4.92 carats. It comes on a chain studded with diamonds. The barbs of the feather are connected, which gives it a more subtle look. 

Sidney Garber Alessandra necklace in 18K white gold with 4.92 carats diamond, $17,500

Anita Ko

Anita Ko Wing necklace

Anita Ko takes a different approach to feather jewelry. In this design, wings are the inspiration, rather than a single plume. This necklace features two pavé diamond wings that look like they are about to take flight. It’s crafted from 18K white gold and set with three carats of diamond. There’s also a smaller model available. 

Anita Ko Wing necklace in 18K with gold with 3.00 carats diamond, $19,950

Sydney Evan

Sydney Evan Feather bracelet

This petite bracelet from Sydney Evan features a diamond-set feather on a gold chain. It’s a subtle way to incorporate feathers into your look, and the bracelet is perfect for stacking. The 14K yellow gold bracelet measures 6.75” in length and you can shorten it by using the second closure. It’s part of the designer’s Angels collection, which features additional feather jewelry as well as pieces with wing, angel, and sky motifs. 

Sydney Evan Feather bracelet in 14K yellow gold with diamond, $1,290

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