Birthstone Jewelry

May Birthstone Jewelry: Emerald

Gorgeous green emerald jewelry is perfect for May birthdays.


Emerald jewelry is a perennial classic, but, today, designers are experimenting with new silhouettes and unexpected pairings in their pieces. We’ve rounded up fabulous, unique emerald jewelry for our feature on May’s birthstone. 

Fabio Salini

Roman jewelry designer Fabio Salini is known for his avant-garde designs and ultra-contemporary style. This stunning necklace mixes green shagreen and emeralds, an unusual, but stunning combination. The intense green emerald is set within a diamond piece that connects the shagreen choker. 

Fabio Salini Metamorfosi necklace in 18K white gold and shagreen with 3.62 carats emerald and .74 carats diamond, price on request,


At first glance, this might look like a classic emerald ring, but it has a uniquely Boghossian twist. The emerald-cut Colombian emerald is set atop four baguette-cut beryl gemstones. The setting is rather different, too. The emerald-set white gold shanks curl and curve up, ending in sharp points, almost like tendrils of a vine. 

Boghossian ring in 18K white gold with approximately 2 carats emerald and four beryls, price on request,


Eugenie Niarchos’s jewelry line, Venyx, is known for its celestial-inspired designs. This necklace features a staggering 181 emeralds from the Muzo mines in Columbia, which weigh over 400 carats. The five strands of emerald beads are set within a diamond and white gold structure, and several diamond, star, and opal drops are suspended from the bottom strand. 

Venyx Muzo necklace in 18K white gold with 413.14 carats emerald, 4.55 carats diamond, and 1.17 carats opal, price on request,

G by Glenn Spiro

These emerald earrings from G by Glenn Spiro are modern masterpieces. They feature green emeralds and tsavorites set in a unique shape. There is an open oval set with gemstones, and behind that, are dangling chains set with more stones. 

G by Glenn Spiro earrings in titanium with 44.24 carats emerald and tsavorite and .16 carats diamond, price on request,

Jemma Wynne

Jemma Wynne is known for its open rings with mismatched stones. Here, a gorgeous 1.30-carat radiant-cut Zambian emerald is set opposite two pear-cut diamonds. We love the mix of colors, cuts, and vertical and horizontal settings. 

Jemma Wynne Prive open ring in 18K gold with a 1.30-carat emerald and .70 carats diamond, $13,860,

Ara Vartanian

Ara Vartanian dials down the contrast on the mismatched earring trend with these gorgeous emerald earrings. One highlights emerald-cut emerald, the other oval. Diamonds separate the stones, adding extra sparkle. 

Ara Vartanian earrings in 18K yellow gold with emerald and diamond, price on request,

Sandy Leong

This beautiful ring from designer Sandy Leong is part of a collaboration with Gemfields, the noted colored gemstone company. The Cage ring features an 11.29-carat cabochon emerald from Gemfields’ Zambian mine within an 18K rose gold cage. A curved line crosses the top of the emerald, a unique look. 

Sandy Leong x Gemfields Cage ring in 18K yellow gold with an 11.29-carat emerald and .55 carats diamond, $23,200,


Shaftel Diamond Co., a Houston-based jewelry company and boutique, got its start as a diamond and gemstone wholesaler, so it has exceptional taste and knows where to directly source the highest quality stones. This beautiful necklace features 25.68 carats of oval-cut emeralds interspersed with round diamonds. The ovals have a strong color and are noted for their clean appearance. 

Shaftel necklace in 18K white gold with 25.68 carats emerald and 8.66 carats diamond, $179,650,

GFG Jewellery by Nilufer

This London-based jewelry brand is known for its sharp silhouettes and unexpected designs. We love this twist on hoop earrings. The Project 2020 earrings feature pear-cut and round emeralds from Gemfields set within a 22mm gold circle. There’s a petite white diamond inside the circle and a smattering set on the hoop, too. 

GFG Jewellery by Nilufer x Gemfields Project 2020 earrings in 18K yellow gold with 3.93 carats emerald and .25 carats diamond, approximately $6,900,

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