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March Birthstone Jewelry: Aquamarine

We love aquamarine’s gorgeous, blue color – it’s perfect for a statement piece of jewelry.

March Birthstone Jewelry: Aquamarine

The March birthstone is aquamarine, a beautiful pale blue stone. Aquamarine can come in large sizes, frequently above 25 carats, so designers love to play with it in statement pieces. It is particularly beautiful when paired with other gemstones that enhance its blue hues. Designers frequently use glittering diamonds to add some sparkle to a piece, and contrasting colors or materials can add an unexpected twist to this classic gemstone. 

There is a wide range of quality of aquamarine jewelry available. The finest examples of aquamarines have a saturated blue hue and are crystal clear with no visible inclusions. The color and intensity should also be consistent throughout the gemstone. Lower-quality aquamarine can have a muted blue color and visible inclusions in the gemstone. 

Discover our selection of the most beautiful aquamarine March birthstone jewelry here. 

The Prettiest Aquamarine March Birthstone Jewelry


Vanleles Aquamarine

This feminine necklace from Vanleles is a unique twist on the classic bow motif. Two diamond bows frame seven Brazilian aquamarines totaling nearly 80 carats. In addition, diamond ribbons wrap around the gemstones, softening their rectangular shape. 

Vanleles Lyla’s Bow high-jewelry necklace in 18K white gold with 77.30 carats aquamarine and 10.59 carats diamond, price on request


Assael Aquamarine Pearl

Assael is a master of pearl jewelry and frequently experiments with unexpected pearl pairings. We love these earrings that set two beautiful, 12mm, silvery-gray Tahitian pearls on either side of an elongated emerald-cut aquamarine. Each aquamarine weighs over 20 carats. 

Assael Modernist earrings in 18K white gold with 44.79 carats aquamarine and four 12mm Tahitian pearls, price on request


Wempe March Birthstone Jewelry

The One ring from Wempe has a beautiful pear-cut aquamarine flanked by two pear-cut diamonds. The ring showcases the beauty of the blue gemstone, especially in this fancy cut. 

Wempe One ring in 18K white gold with a 1.93-carat aquamarine and .39 carats diamond, $5,990


Davidor March Birthstone Jewelry

Two pear-shaped, deep-blue aquamarines hang from a delicate diamond vine in Davidor’s Feuillage high-jewelry earrings. Diamond, aquamarine, and green tourmaline are set on the upper part of the earrings, representing leaves. 

Davidor Feuillage high-jewelry earrings in 18K white gold with 15.72 carats aquamarine, .97 carats green tourmaline, and 2.84 carats diamond, $82,000

Selim Mouzannar 

Selim Mouzannar jewelry

Selim Mouzannar’s Gemma collection features different colored center stones surrounded by contrasting enamel. The rings also come in a variety of colors, sometimes pairing unexpected colors. This ring surrounds a round aquamarine with green enamel, playing on the colors of a lush, tropical locale. 

Selim Mouzannar ring in 18K pink gold and green enamel with 7.48 carats aquamarine and .32 carats diamond, from $8,400


Piranesi Aquamarine earrings

These earrings take advantage of the large sizes that aquamarine can come in. In total, the earrings feature 44.32 carats of aquamarine. In addition, a row of pavé diamonds surrounds two emerald-cut aquamarines. The clarity and pretty color make these earrings very special. 

Piranesi drop earrings in 18K white gold with 44.32 carats aquamarine and .78 carats diamond, $43,470

Irene Neuwirth

Irene Neuwirth March Birthstone Jewelry

The Gemmy Gem earrings from Irene Neuwirth are a playful and fun way to showcase the beauty and (relative) affordability of aquamarine. The drop earrings use aquamarines to form an abstract flower. At the center of each, there’s a large oval aquamarine, and the petals are made from smaller oval aquamarines. Each flower hangs from yet another aquamarine. 

Irene Neuwirth Gemmy Gem earrings in 18K yellow gold with aquamarine, $26,300

Monica Rich Kosann

Monica Rich Kosann tennis bracelet

New York-based designer Monica Rich Kosann adds a twist to a classic tennis bracelet with this piece. It alternates oval aquamarines with round diamonds. All of the gemstones are bezel-set in yellow gold, and delicate gold chains link all of the stones together. The 7” bracelet is also adjustable. 

Monica Rich Kosann bracelet in 18K yellow gold with 2.54 carats aquamarine and .38 carats diamond, $7,335

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