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The Best Tequila Glasses

Don't make the mistake of drinking your tequila out of a shot glass. The right glasses don't just look great, but they can enhance your experience.

Red Wine Glass

Big red wines benefit from a glass with a large bowl and a slightly tapered mouth, so you can swirl and aerate the wine while trapping the aromas. Riedel produces one of the largest arrays of glassware and has a glass for seemingly every variety. The Hermitage glass is designed for Syrah, but it is … Continued


This elegant decanter from Tiffany will look great on any bar, no matter your décor. The Classic Square Decanter is made of lead crystal and holds 26 oz. It’s perfect for storing spirits of all kinds.

Tequila Glass

Serious tequila tasters know that a proper tequila glass enhances sipping tequilas, like Casa Dragones’ Joven. This glass from Riedel was expressly created to showcase the nuances of the finest tequilas.  Riedel’s Ouverture Tequila Glass is both stylish and functional. It’s perfect for a professional tequila tasting because of its slender bowl and cut rims, … Continued