The Best Tequila Glasses

Don’t make the mistake of drinking your tequila out of a shot glass. The right glasses don’t just look great, but they can enhance your experience.


Similarly to choosing a great bottle of Sipping Tequila, selecting a glass to drink it out of is equally as important. A shot is a great way to celebrate any occasion. Luckily, there are many beautiful shot glass sets to choose from. Though, if you want to sip slow and ignite the senses, you’ll need a tulip shaped glass which extracts the aromas. Here is our take on the perfect five tequila glasses.


Moser makes a set of six eclectic, multicolor Pebbled Crystal Shot Glasses perfect to bring out when celebrating. These striking glasses add a pop of tropical color to any bar and make (an already entertaining activity) drinking, even more fun.


To truly savor tequila and appreciate its nuanced flavors, you’ll need a proper tequila-tasting glass. Riedel’s Ouverture Tequila Glass is perfect for a professional tequila tasting and the glass we recommend for sipping tequila neat. It has a slender bowl with cut rims, allowing the drink to flow more smoothly instead of being “rolled,” which tends to emphasize the bite. Also, the stem prevents your fingers from warming the tequila, which should be served slightly chilled at 64-68℉. 

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. makes more than just jewelry — it also makes fabulous home accessories and drinkware. The lead crystal Diamond Point Shot Glass Set is the most stylish way to serve a round of shots. The glasses have a geometric motif inspired by the culet, or point, of a diamond and there’s a range of matching drinkware to complete your bar.


Whether you’re enjoying your tequila on the rocks or in a margarita, you’ll need a stylish tumbler. Baccarat’s hand-cut Harmonie Old-Fashioned Tumblers have elegant vertical lines running through the crystal glass. These tumblers will be a staple for your glassware collection.

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