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Gorgeous Yellow Gold Jewelry for Every Occasion

Yellow gold jewelry has made its long-awaited comeback and it’s now more popular than ever. These are the pieces you need in your collection.


Gold jewelry never goes out of style — except maybe for 1980s-style gold chains. We love the warmth of yellow gold jewelry, which is anything but boring in the hands of these talented designers. Using unique design techniques such as hand-carving, engraving, and hammering brings out its richness. Furthermore, creating sculptural, highly polished pieces shows its glamorous side. 

Fernando Jorge

Fernando Jorge’s Flame collection meditates on the beauty of fire. Its stunning pieces are inspired by flickering flames and burning fires. Each piece uses diagonally contoured lines that evoke the frenetic energy of fire. The large Flame bracelet uses more than 42 grams of gold. 

Fernando Jorge Flame bracelet in 18K yellow gold, $19,500


The concentric circles featured in Almasika’s collection represent our ever-expanding universe. Here, the circles surround a single diamond, as if they are radiating out of the precious gemstone. A cutout at the top ensures the earrings fit more snuggly around the ear. 

Almasika Sagesse – Universum hoop earrings in 18K yellow gold with diamond, $7,950 

Harwell Godfrey

Harwell Godfrey elevates the simple gold band by using 22K gold, which has richer color, thanks to the higher karat weight. This knife-edge cigar band mixes matte and highly polished finishes, which adds even more visual interest. The inside of the 12mm band has symbols engraved inside. 

Harwell Godfrey Knife Edge Cigar Band ring in 22K yellow gold, $7,700


Kintsugi is the ancient Japanese art of mending broken objects by fusing them together with gold enamel. Not only does the object become stronger after being restored, but it has a beautiful vein of gold running through it. This Kintsugi bangle evokes the golden lines on a restored ceramic vessel. 

Milamore Kintsugi bangle in 18K yellow gold, $12,300 

Van Cleef & Arpels

The Alhambra four-leaf clover is one of the most iconic jewelry designs ever created. While the design has gone through many iterations over the years, the Vintage Alhambra collection remains true to the origins of Van Cleef & Arpels designs from 1968. This ring has a delicate guilloché engraving and the signature golden beads on the border. 

Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra ring in 18K yellow gold, $3,550


The Ice Cube Pure bangle is a sleek, geometric piece. It’s perfect for stacking, and the “blocks” of ice that run across the circle add visual interest to the minimalist piece. In keeping with Chopard’s sustainability practices, it’s made from ethically sourced 18K yellow gold. 

Chopard Ice Cube Pure bangle in 18K yellow gold, $4,370

De Beers 

Of course, De Beers is known for its diamonds, which it incorporates into every piece, including these gorgeous Talisman rings. This trio is premade for stacking, so they perfectly nestle together, taking all the guesswork out of creating a ring stack. There are three rings with fancy-cut diamonds: marquise, baguette, and trilliant. Each is surrounded by a serti poinçon setting technique. In this technique, artisans hammer 18K yellow gold by hand to create a textured effect. This hand-finishing means each piece is unique. 

De Beers Talisman Trio Stacking rings in 18K yellow gold with .36 carats diamond, $5,850


Coomi is known for her exquisite yellow gold jewelry. She specializes in working with higher-karat gold to create artistic pieces, such as this 20K yellow gold bracelet. Each textured link is shaped with a paisley motif, then connected to form an elegant chain-link bracelet. Diamond accents further elevate this extraordinary piece. 

Coomi Paisley-link bracelet in 20K yellow gold with .23 carats diamond, $6,000

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