Why You Should Buy a Pre-owned Watch From Watchfinder & Co.

Buying a pre-owned watch can be an intimidating experience, but not at Watchfinder & Co.


Whether you love vintage watches, are looking for a sold-out model, or are simply seeking a great deal, you’ll find what you want at Watchfinder & Co., a luxury pre-owned watch retailer. The pre-owned watch market can be confusing, and there are some bad actors in the industry, unfortunately. So buying a pre-owned timepiece from a reputable company is extremely important. Here are five reasons why you should buy a pre-owned watch from Watchfinder & Co.

Why You Should Buy a Pre-owned Watch From Watchfinder & Co.

Why You Should Buy a Pre-owned Watch From Watchfinder & Co.

Skip the Waitlist

It takes just one glance at the windows of most watch boutiques to see that demand for new watches is higher than ever. Windows and display cases are bare, or they have prominent “for display purposes only” signs in front of the watches. It’s virtually impossible to simply walk into a retail boutique and buy an in-demand watch today. There can be lengthy waitlists. And many watches are reserved for existing clients who spend a certain amount per year at the retailer.

Watch brands produce limited quantities of watches, and they will not be dramatically increasing production any time soon. Some brands won’t increase production because they don’t want to oversaturate the market. And others simply can’t, because their watches are so time-consuming to produce or they don’t have the space and skilled staff.

If you want to buy one of these watches at retail, prepare for a significant wait.

The pre-owned market, on the other hand, gives you instant access to the most in-demand watches. You will have to pay a premium to buy a hot model straight away. But these watches tend to hold their value well. “Whether it’s a first-time client, or an established collector, the ability to have instant access to watches that are literally impossible to get. And the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing they have been fully authenticated, are why smart buyers choose Watchfinder,” says Edouard Caumon, Country Manager, US for Watchfinder & Co.

Three of the hottest watches today, the Rolex GMT Master II, Patek Philippe Nautilus, and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, are next to impossible to find in retail stores. However, Watchfinder & Co. has plenty of these models, ranging from vintage to new models complete with box, papers, and manufacturer’s warranty. Some have never been worn before.

Watchfinder & Co. Has a Wide Selection

Why You Should Buy a Pre-owned Watch From Watchfinder & Co.
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Watchfinder & Co. has a wide selection of watches that’s greater than you could find in any retail store. In addition to the biggest watch brands, it carries a host of independent manufactures. In total, there are thousands of watches from nearly 70 brands in one place available at the click of a button.

Watchfinder & Co. also sells watches that are no longer being manufactured. Why would you want a discontinued watch? Well, some brands have changed their design aesthetics in recent years and you might prefer the original timepieces. And others have discontinued less expensive models or changed the brand’s direction. For example, Jaquet Droz is no longer producing its beloved Grande Seconde watches, as it has decided to focus on automatons and the ultra-high end of the market.

And, of course, watch brands love to create limited-edition watches. If you didn’t manage to acquire one the first time around, the pre-owned market offers an opportunity to get one. Watchfinder & Co. provides the chance to buy these watches and others you might have missed the first time around in its discontinued-watch section.

You Can Find a Great Deal Buying a Pre-owned Watch

While you can expect to pay a premium for the most in-demand watches, you can also find great deals on pre-owned and vintage watches. For example, Watchfinder & Co. sells many Rolex Datejust Lady watches for nearly a 50% discount on retail prices. Unlike many fashion items, watches are built to last. And with proper care they can function accurately for decades.

Shop With Confidence

Watchfinder & Co. pre-owned watches

Watchfinder & Co. has been in business for over 20 years and has an excellent reputation. It is owned by Richemont, a luxury conglomerate that owns many top watch brands, including Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Vacheron Constantin. The company’s state-of-the-art service center has been certified by 19 luxury watch brands.

Guaranteed Authenticity
Watchfinder's expert watchmakers
Watchfinder’s expert watchmakers meticulously inspect, authenticate and prepare each watch before sale.

Buying a pre-owned or vintage watch can be an anxiety-producing experience. What if the movement doesn’t work or requires pricey repairs shortly after purchase? Watchfinder & Co. takes away these fears because an in-house expert inspects every watch at its manufacturer-certified service center. They meticulously inspect, authenticate, and prepare each watch for sale.

Price Promise

How can you know if you’re getting the best price? Watchfinder & Co. offers a price promise. If you find the watch at a lower price somewhere else, it will beat the competitor’s price.

24-month Warranty

While you can rest assured that the watch you’re purchasing is in great working order, Watchfinder & Co. offers a 24-month warranty for every timepiece it sells. Repairs for service covered under the warranty are free, giving you peace of mind.

14-day Returns

There’s no risk when buying a watch from Watchfinder & Co., because the company offers 14-day returns for a full refund, no questions asked.

Watchfinder & Co. Has a Great Trade-in Program

You can trade in a watch to Watchfinder and receive a cash payment or apply the value to the purchase of another model.

You Can Try on a Watch in Person

Watchfinder & Co. at Nordstrom in New York
Watchfinder & Co. at Nordstrom in New York

Watches are among the most personal possessions we have, and comfort is key. Buying a watch online usually means you don’t have an opportunity to try it on in person — but you can visit one of Watchfinder’s showrooms or new boutiques in Nordstrom. The company recently announced its partnership with Nordstrom, showcasing an assortment of watches in New York and select cities across the US, including Seattle; San Diego and Scottsdale, Arizona. You can request any watch in Watchfinder & Co.’s inventory to be sent to a location near you so you can try it on before buying it.

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