The By Kim Jewelry Collections Are the Perfect Pieces for the Modern Woman

Superb German craftsmanship meets contemporary design in the By Kim Jewelry collections

Wempe By Kim Cocoon Bracelet
By Kim Sensual Cocoon bracelet

Not only is Wempe one of the world’s top watch retailers, but the prestigious German company crafts exquisite jewelry designed by Kim-Eva Wempe, the company’s CEO and Owner, in the aptly named By Kim jewelry brand. For over 20 years, By Kim has created beautiful collections for the modern woman, designed by a woman. The collections feature a wide range of styles, from comfortable, everyday jewelry to one-of-a-kind pieces featuring rare stones. 

Three recent collections are perfect examples of her work and the breadth of designs available in the By Kim collections: Sensual, Puntino, and Playlist. Each has a different aesthetic, but similar lines run through all of them. Above all, the collections focus on individual style and expressing oneself through beautifully crafted jewelry. 

True to its name, the Sensual collection features softly curving pieces with smooth, polished edges and sensual curves. The bold designs have flowing lines that shine in 18K rose gold with white diamond accents, and the pieces are also available in 18K white gold for a monochrome look. Volume is a signature design element of By Kim, and it’s an integral part of this collection. 

Wempe By Kim Playlist Rings
By Kim Playlist Rings

The Playlist collection is perfect for stacking. The collection comprises 28 different rings, alongside a few earrings and bracelets to complete the look. At first glance, the rings don’t seem like they would go together, but that’s the point. There are different options to suit every mood and occasion and, somehow, they look perfect together despite the different designs. There are sharp, architectural pieces rendered in 18K white or rose gold with white diamonds and black rhodium-plated white gold pieces with black diamonds, for a more avant-garde look. 

The more delicate Puntino collection is composed of easy-to-wear pieces. The feminine chains and sculptural gold designs are punctuated by white or brown diamonds, and some pieces feature semi-precious gemstones. We love the modern design of these playful pieces, especially the movement of the sparkling diamonds. 

Wempe By Kim Puntino Ring
By Kim Puntino Horizon Ring

Sustainability is very important to the brand, which uses ethically sourced gold, gemstones, and diamonds. Wempe even offers clients the opportunity to rework jewelry they already own into By Kim designs, or to design unique pieces using the existing stones, increasing the longevity of their jewelry and contributing to the circular economy. 

The By Kim collection is produced at Wempe’s ateliers in Schwäbisch Gmünd, located in southern Germany, which gives Wempe control over every aspect of production. In addition to being proudly made in Germany, Wempe is one of the only jewelers that has its own gemological center where it evaluates and certifies precious stones. This access allows Wempe to source sensational stones for its one-of-a-kind pieces of high jewelry. 

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