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La Patiala is the ultimate online resource for luxury. Whether you’re planning a trip, ordering oysters, buying your first watch, or stocking a wine cellar, our luxury encyclopedia will teach you everything you need to know.

La Patiala will take you to the world’s most exclusive destinations, like Mustique

Do you want to learn more about the finer things in life? Have you ever been asked questions — How do you like your wine? What color and clarity diamonds are you looking at? East or West Coast oysters? — and frozen? Most of us end up ordering the usual or making a snap decision and ending up with something way too expensive that we don’t even like. 

The world has never been more obsessed with luxury than it is now, but there isn’t an easy way to learn about the luxury world. Sources can be unreliable, potentially biased, time-consuming to read, or meant for professionals. But, most of all, there is too much information out there and no one has carefully curated exactly what you truly need to know about luxury. 

I created La Patiala to take the fear out of luxury, without requiring you to read a 300-page book on a single topic or taking intensive classes. (I’ve already done that for you.) As a journalist, I’ve exhaustively researched dozens of topics in the course of my career and I have interviewed countless experts in their fields. I also took courses at the Gemological Institute of America and the Wine and Spirit Education Trust because I am a naturally curious person who wants to know everything about, well, everything! 

I have become a trusted luxury resource to my friends, family, and colleagues. They would text me pictures of restaurant menus asking which oysters they should order, call to find out which wine to buy, or ask for help planning their vacations and honeymoons. And now, I’m launching La Patiala to put all of my knowledge in one place to give you the confidence you need when buying an engagement ring, ordering wine, or planning a dream vacation. 

Each category is organized like an encyclopedia. This way, the most important information and stories are always front and center, not lost in the archives. There’s also an A-Z section, which functions as a table of contents, so you can quickly find what you are looking for or peruse new topics. 

La Patiala will cover travel, food, wine, spirits, style, beauty, watches, jewelry, and lifestyle. We will provide the essential information on what and who you should know for each topic. This includes a brief overview of the subject, an explanation of key terms, what to look for in terms of quality and price, names to know, and recommended brands or places. 

We will take you behind the scenes at the most exclusive brands, products, and destinations, and do deep dives on the most popular topics if you want to learn more. La Patiala will also delve into the history of the world’s most prestigious brands, so you will know what makes them so covetable and iconic. 

Right now, La Patiala has launched in a beta phase. We are quickly scaling up our offering, with new features and encyclopedias launching weekly. I invite you to sign up for our weekly newsletter and follow us on Instagram so you can stay up to date. If you have any pressing luxury questions or have topics you would like covered, e-mail me at

I hope that you will bookmark La Patiala and use it as your go-to resource for all things luxury.



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