The 10 Longest-Range Private Jets

With the longest-range private jets, you can fly nonstop halfway around the world and do so in unfettered luxury.

Longest-range private jets
The Bombardier Global 7500 features advanced wing technology engineered to provide the smoothest ride

Each year, private jets get larger, faster, and, above all, more luxurious. Flying by private jet is one of the world’s ultimate luxury experiences, offering convenience and comfort — and when you want to travel nonstop to places that light and short-range private jets cannot, there are few more-efficient options than long-range private jets. Different-sized jets serve unique purposes; you don’t always need a long-range jet for domestic trips or a small group. However, when you want to go the distance, a long-range jet is an absolute must. It is faster and more spacious, allowing for a more efficient ride and more room (especially for those far-flung ski trips or when traveling with young children). Read on for our round-up of the 10 longest-range private jets.

The 10 Longest-Range Private Jets

Global travelers (and aviation junkies) who fly privately know that it’s not just about how quickly you can get there, but how far you can go. Some of today’s longest-range business jets allow you to enjoy flying nonstop halfway around the world, meaning you can jet uninterrupted to your destination without stopping for fuel (which also saves time). Whether for a crucial business meeting or exotic travel, ultra-long-range jets offer more cabin space, often outfitted with sumptuous bedrooms, multiple living spaces, spa-like bathrooms, and amenities you never thought possible in the sky.

Private jets also fly at a higher altitude compared to commercial aircraft to avoid congested air spaces and bad weather, have smoother flights, and benefit from faster speeds with better fuel efficiency. They also have more advanced pressurization technology. A lower cabin pressure means more available oxygen, so you experience less altitude-related discomfort and arrive refreshed at your final destination.

Other features of long-range jets can include personalized cabin lighting, cutting-edge technology, enhanced safety measures, fully reclining seats, and customized fixtures and furnishings. Nearly all commercial jets with that same capability have a private jet equivalent, but unlike a commercial airliner, private jets let you enjoy a life of luxury. From films in your private media cabin to showers in your spa-like bathroom to sleeping in a bed akin to a five-star hotel for those cross-continent flights, the flight experience is unlike anything else. Several private jet companies on the market make it easy to travel the world, including routes like from Singapore to San Francisco or Los Angeles to Sydney, in luxury. Discover the longest-range private jets in the world. 

Boeing Business Jet 777X

Boeing Business Jet 777X

By far, the longest-range private jet in the world is the Boeing Business Jet 777X, with an extraordinary range of 11,000 nautical miles. This long-haul jet, depending on how it’s customized, can hold up to 75 passengers and has the widest cabins (19’6”) and tallest cabins (8’4”) in its class. For those looking to trick out your plane to the nines, this jet is the ultimate canvas to do so. There’s plenty of space to include several bedrooms, a gym, and even a separate dining room. A major drawback with an aircraft this large is the inability to land at smaller airports with shorter runways due to its weight and size.

Boeing Business Jet 787 

Boeing Business Jet 787 

Another impressive plane from Boeing is the Boeing Business Jet 787, or the BBJ 787 Dreamliner, which has a range of 9,960 nautical miles. It was originally designed as a commercial aircraft but is now one of the most popular choices as a private jet. The Boeing Business Jet 787 allows for nonstop travel between most major cities on Earth; in fact, it was the first aircraft to ever fly nonstop between London and Australia. It can fly up to 25 passengers, again depending on how it is laid out. 

There are three jets within this line: the BBJ 787-8, BBJ 787-9, and BBJ 787-10, the latter of which can fly the furthest nonstop. Want to see just how tricked out the plane can get? La Patiala reported on one of the most expensive private jets in the world: a Boeing 787-8 VIP owned by Chinese real estate tycoon Joseph Lau, which is worth an incredible $367 million after his customizations.

Bombardier Global 8000 

Bombardier Global 8000 

A darling of the large business jet category, the Bombardier Global 8000 is revered for its capability to fly 8,000 nautical miles and a top speed of .94 Mach. It’s one of the longest-range jets with the fastest speed and smoothest rides out there. Each plane is equipped with Bombardier Pur Air, a hospital-grade HEPA filter that can capture up to 99.99% of particles, like viruses, allergens, and bacteria. It also has the industry’s first-ever zero-gravity seating with its ergonomic Nuage seats, which help to reduce lower back pressure and offer a more comfortable flight experience. The aircraft comes with an optional 40-inch, 4K home-theater surround-sound setup for movie buffs. And just in case that’s not enough, it has a 19-passenger capacity, so you can fly cross-continent with plenty of company.

Other features include one of the lowest cabin altitude systems, which can help prevent altitude and decompression sickness. To put that in perspective, Boeing Business Jets have an average cabin altitude of 6,000 feet while flying 41,000 feet, versus the Bombardier Global 8000, which has a cabin altitude of 2,900 feet while flying at the same height.

Bombardier Global 7500 

Bombardier Global 7500 | Longest-Range Private Jets

The little sister of the Bombardier Global 8000, the Bombardier Global 7500 is nearly as impressive. With a range of 7,700 nautical miles, the aircraft shares many of the same benefits as the 8000, just with a slightly slower top speed of .925 Mach and a bit of a shorter range. Still, the Bombardier Global 7500 can travel nonstop from Singapore to San Francisco or Miami to Dubai. Similar to the 8000, there are four living spaces, a full-size kitchen, and a dedicated crew suite. It seats up to 19 passengers.

Gulfstream G800 

Gulfstream G800 | Longest-Range Private Jets

Newly FAA-approved earlier this year, the Gulfstream G800 will have a range of 8,000 nautical miles once delivered, rivaling that of the Bombardier Global 8000. Designed for performance and efficiency, the G800 will have pure air via Gulfstream’s plasma-ionized purification system to neutralize bacteria and room for 19 passengers. It also will have Gulfstream’s proprietary Symmetry Flight Deck, which is an industry-first technology that allows pilots to more effectively communicate with ten touch-screen displays.

Gulfstream G700

Gulfstream G700 | Longest-Range Private Jets

Gulfstream is instantly recognizable for its signature horizontal elliptical windows — the largest in the industry — meaning that Gulfstream jets often have the most natural light. Now, Gulfstream’s new flagship, the Gulfstream G700, has 20 windows in total for maximum views. The G700, which is newly FAA certified and delivered its first two aircraft in April 2024, is easily the most spacious and impressive aircraft in Gulfstream’s already-spectacular fleet. It has up to five living zones, fits up to 19 passengers, and has a maximum range of 7,750 nautical miles and a maximum top speed of .935 Mach. Gulfstream pulled out all the stops for this aircraft. There’s an onboard circadian lighting system that simulates sunlight while crossing multiple time zones (thus reducing jet lag), seats that convert into beds, and 100% fresh, plasma-ionized air that is replenished every two to three minutes.

Gulfstream G650ER

Gulfstream G650ER | Longest-Range Private Jets

A favorite among celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and Jeff Bezos, the Gulfstream G650ER is one of the industry’s leading longest-range private jets — and by far Gulfstream’s most popular aircraft. There are more than 500 of them in service, and the G650ER holds over 125 speed records. With a maximum range of 7,500 nautical miles, you can easily fly nonstop from Hong Kong to New York City with 19 passengers in tow. The American manufacturer also has several Sales and Design Centers, where you can get a firsthand look at materials you choose for your aircraft.

Dassault Falcon 10X

Dassault Falcon 10X

When Dassault’s newest Falcon 10X enters the skies in 2025, the aircraft will have a range of 7,500 nautical miles. Comfortably fitting up to 19 passengers, the Falcon 10X will rival both Bombardier and Gulfstream’s fleet of long-range private jets. It has greater flexibility than the 8X with zones like a Privacy Suite, which transforms from an office to a media room or bedroom. This aircraft will also have an environmental control system to regulate humidity and eliminate ozone and pollutants.

Bombardier Global 6500 

Bombardier Global 6500

The Bombardier Global 6500 fits up to 17 passengers and has a range of 6,600 nautical miles. It’s not nearly as fast as its counterparts (the 8000 and 7000), but it’s still a reliable and luxurious long-range private jet to consider when flying. Similar to Bombardier’s other aircraft on this list, there are large cabins, comfortable Nuage seating, and Bombardier Pur Air technology. Bombardier is also known for its ultra-smooth rides, thanks to its Smooth Flex Wing technology that combines flexibility and refined aerodynamics to help soften any bumps along the way.

Dassault Falcon 8X

Dassault Falcon 8X | Longest-Range Private Jets

Dassault’s longest-range aircraft currently in the skies is the Dassault Falcon 8X, which has a range of 6,450 nautical miles and an average flight time of 14 hours. The Falcon 8X is one of the quietest private jets in the world, with cutting-edge soundproofing systems, including high-quality insulation materials and acoustical innovations that reduce exterior noise. Dassault excels in its technological capabilities, from its proprietary vision system, FalconEye, which provides pilots enhanced situational awareness in all types of weather, to its high-speed connectivity system called FalconConnect. The Falcon 8X seats 12 to 16 passengers.

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