How to Open Champagne the Right Way

Stop popping bottles and learn the proper way to open a bottle of Champagne.


Few sounds are as satisfying as the pop of a Champagne cork. However, the correct way to open a bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine is to do it as quietly as possible. Expert sommeliers open bottles with a quiet puff of air as the cork eases out of the bottle. It’s easy to do once you know the steps. Watch the video or read on to learn how to open a bottle of Champagne the right way. 

1. Chill the Bottle

There is a lot of pressure inside a bottle of sparkling wine. Chilling the bottle reduces the risk of the cork popping off once you remove the wire cage. I’ve seen plenty of corks fly out of the bottle, which can injure someone nearby or break something. Prevent this by making sure your bottle is cold, around 45℉. 

2. Remove the Foil 

Pull the tab on the foil and tear it off. Completely remove the foil to expose the wire cage. One exception is a bottle of Dom Pérignon, which has a delicate foil. Simply tear or cut the foil to access the tab of the wire cage and open it through the foil. 

3. Untwist the Cage

Place one hand on top of the cage and cork to secure it, just in case it pops off. Use the other hand to untwist the wire cage. Fun fact — every wire cage is closed with six twists, so if you count each twist, you’ll get it right the first time. Remove the cage, then recover the cork with your thumb. 

4. Twist the Bottle, not the Cork

Contrary to popular belief, you are supposed to twist the bottle, not the cork. Place the bottle at a 30-degree angle, keeping the cork securely covered, and slowly twist the bottle. Slowly ease it out of the bottle, aiming to make as little noise as possible. Now, you’re ready to enjoy your Champagne.

These four steps will help you effortlessly open any bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine. If you aren’t going to finish the bottle, be sure to close it with the Coravin Sparkling to keep it fresh for up to four weeks. 

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