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The Most Exquisite Enamel Jewelry

Enamel jewelry is one of today’s hottest trends and it comes in a wide variety of styles. We round up the chicest pieces, from classic to modern.


While enamel jewelry is more popular than ever — at least according to our Instagram feeds — it has a long history in the jewelry world. Today, you can find enamel jewelry in brilliant colors, including bright red or neon pink, with modern designs and shapes. Classic pieces that stand the test of time, such as Verdura’s enamel jewelry, are as chic today as they were in the early 20th century. 


Ever since Verdura created bold enamel cuffs for Coco Chanel in the 1930s, the cuffs, featuring crosses set with multicolor gemstones, have been a jewelry icon. Today, they come in many different designs. This Theodora cuff features a base of rich black enamel and a rainbow of gemstones in the 18K yellow gold cuff. 

Verdura Theodora Multi-Stone Cross cuff in 18K yellow gold and black enamel with an 8.98-carat cabochon sapphire, 4.65-carat cabochon emerald, 5.10-carat amethyst, 1.26 carats ruby, .34 carats diamond, $103,500

Nikos Koulis 

Nikos Koulis’s sharp architectural jewelry is instantly recognizable. The Oui collection highlights the beauty of enamel and diamonds. This ring features a trillion-cut diamond and a contemporary, open design that curls around the finger. 

Nikos Koulis Oui ring in 18K white gold and black enamel with a .63-carat trillion-cut diamond, $12,840 

David Webb

New York icon David Webb uses enamel in many of its collections. This retro-styled enamel ring features curved bands of 18K yellow gold topped with white enamel. There’s also a platinum piece set with diamonds that curves along the side of the ring for a bit of sparkle. 

David Webb Scallop ring in 18K yellow gold, platinum, and white enamel with 1.43 carats diamond, $24,500

Melissa Kaye

Many people credit New York-based designer Melissa Kaye with reinvigorating the enamel jewelry trend. People love her fun colors and contemporary silhouettes. Not only does her collection come in a rainbow of colors, including neutral shades and plenty of neon, but they all go together. This makes them perfect for stacking. If that’s too bold of a look for you, add just a pop of color with a single piece, such as these Cristina earrings. 

Melissa Kaye Cristina earrings in 18K rose gold and neon pink enamel with .57 carats diamond, $3,960

Etho Maria

Etho Maria is another designer known for enamel. These diamond drop earrings get a completely different look, thanks to swirling strands of red enamel that surround the larger diamonds. 

Etho Maria earrings in 18K rose gold and red enamel with 2.27 carats diamond, $10,300 

Emily P Wheeler 

These Puzzle earrings instantly draw attention, thanks to the bright, puffy pink enamel halo around what appears to be massive emerald-cut diamonds. But, on closer inspection, the large emeralds reveal themselves to be fancy-cut diamonds. The diamonds fit together like puzzle pieces, giving the appearance of a much larger stone. 

Emily P Wheeler Puzzle earrings in 18K yellow gold and pink enamel with 2.01 carats diamond, $18,000

Selim Mouzannar 

Selim Mouzannar, a French-Lebanese jewelry designer based in Beirut, uses enamel in many of his pieces. He frequently pairs contrasting enamel with colored gemstones, creating fresh, modern pieces. These earrings are a perfect example of his design aesthetic. They feature pink tourmaline and diamonds surrounded by mint enamel.  

Selim Mouzannar earrings in 18K rose gold and mint enamel with .36 carats pink tourmaline and .23 carats diamond, $2,995

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