Coravin Sparkling: Review & How to Use (With Video)

The Coravin Sparkling keeps Champagne and sparkling wine fresh for up to four weeks, which makes it one of our favorite wine gadgets.


Keeping an open bottle of Champagne and sparkling wine fresh is one of wine’s trickiest problems. Even the most high-quality Champagne stopper will work for a day or two at most. That meant you needed to drink the bottle quickly, and we reserved Champagne for special occasions and parties. You couldn’t just have a single glass, or you would risk wasting the entire bottle. In 2021, my favorite wine-preservation company, Coravin, introduced Coravin Sparkling, which would completely change how we drink Champagne and sparkling wine. Coravin Sparkling keeps an open bottle fresh, sparkling, and delicious for up to four weeks. Incredibly, it fits every Champagne and sparkling wine bottle in both standard and magnum sizes. Even before it launched, some of France’s best Champagne houses were fighting over who had access to the prototypes; they were that impressed. Read on for how to use Coravin Sparkling and for our review. 

How to Use Coravin Sparkling

Our video shows you how to use Coravin Sparkling
  1. First, lift the stopper handle all the way up and put it on top of the open bottle.
  2. Then, lower the handle until it locks into place. Wiggle it around to ensure it’s secured properly. 
  3. Place the charger on top of the stopper and press down. You’ll see the pressure indicator turn from green to red as it fills the bottle. 
  4. Once it’s full, the indicator turns green. Now, you can remove the charger. 
  5. Finally, put the bottle in the refrigerator, where it will stay fresh for up to four weeks. 

At $399, Coravin Sparkling is not inexpensive. However, it’s well worth the investment if you regularly drink Champagne or sparkling wine. 

Coravin Sparkling Review

I am obsessed with my Coravin, so I was thrilled when I heard the company had finally created a product that would keep the sparkle in Champagne for up to four weeks. I attended the launch at Daniel Boulud’s glamorous restaurant Le Pavillon in New York City with other wine journalists and wine professionals. Waiters greeted us with a glass of Ruinart Champagne, which we sipped as we chatted while waiting for the event to begin. 

Greg Lambrecht, the founder of Coravin, opened with a speech about the long process of creating Coravin Sparkling and how proud he was of the results. Then, he told us the Champagne we were drinking had actually been opened two weeks before the event and preserved using Coravin Sparkling. There was an audible gasp in the dining room — no one suspected the dozens of glasses of Champagne had been opened for that long. The bubbles were sparkling and vibrant, and the flavors and aromas were fresh without a hint of oxidation. 

Later, we would embark on blind tastings to see if we could tell the difference between a freshly opened bottle and one previously opened, and I certainly couldn’t. It immediately made me a Coravin Sparkling devotee, and it is one of my favorite luxury home gifts. Now I won’t close a bottle of Champagne any other way.

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