Men's Jewelry

The Best Jewelry Brands for Men

Men’s jewelry is a quickly growing industry, so it can be difficult to know where to start. We’ve rounded up the best jewelry brands for men — what they’re known for and why we love them.


With countless dedicated jewelry lines for women, one may think of jewelry as something historically geared toward them. But actually, men’s jewelry dates back to the Stone Age. In fact, men wore jewelry before women did. Around the 18th century, men started to distance themselves from jewelry and began expressing themselves in more “masculine” ways. Of course, now society is much more accepting and encouraging of all people expressing themselves through clothing and accessories. Jewelry is not limited to one category of person —  it’s now enjoyed and appreciated by all, and offers fresh opportunities for self-expression, whether subtle or more overt. Today, many notable jewelry brands have expanded into men’s lines. Additionally, new male-focused and gender-neutral brands have emerged, bringing forth inspired designs to suit every taste. You’re sure to find a new favorite designer in our selection of the best men’s jewelry brands. 

John Hardy

Inspired by Balinese jewelry-making practices, John Hardy creates unique artisanally crafted pieces. The line features versatile jewelry for men, made to be layered or subtly worn alone. John Hardy is recognizable for his iconic chain bracelets, which have taken on different styles and variations over the years. 

John Hardy Classic Chain bracelet in sterling silver, $759; Rata Chain Curb bracelet in sterling silver, $1,995

David Yurman

The company David Yurman was founded in New York City by husband-and-wife duo Sybil and David Yurman. David was a sculptor and Sybil was a painter when they started creating wearable art. Their son, Evan, joined the company in 2003 and has been a key factor in establishing the beloved men’s jewelry line.

David Yurman Curb Chain bracelet in sterling silver with 4.87 carats black diamond, $3,900 

Shaun Leane

British jewelry designer Shaun Leane began classical training in diamond mounting and antique restoration at the age of 15. His dedication and skill in the artform of jewelry making have led to collaborations with Alexander McQueen, Damien Hirst, and many other important people in the industry. He earned international recognition when his work was exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Shaun Leane creates dynamic and sophisticated jewelry for men. The Talon earrings have become especially iconic in recent years. 

Shaun Leane Interlocking rings in 18K yellow and white gold, $3,950


Milamore’s founder, George Root, pays homage to his Japanese-American heritage in his gender-neutral pieces. The message behind Milamore is that anyone can wear the jewelry and write their own story — no matter their personal origin, background, or history. The aim of the most recent collection, Kintsugi, is to encourage everyone to be confident and comfortable within themselves. All of Milamore’s expertly crafted pieces feature gold and many have unique pearls.

Milamore Kintsugi Ring I in 18K yellow gold, $1,250

Fernando Jorge

Renowned jewelry designer Fernando Jorge launched his first gender-neutral collection, Parallel, in 2017. His collection Fluid soon followed, and, since then, his offerings have continued to grow. Not leaning toward one specific gender has given room for innovative and inclusive designs that every type of person can enjoy and feel good wearing. This mix of form and function, as well as his innate sense of style and impeccable craftsmanship, make Fernando Jorge one of the best men’s jewelry brands to launch in recent years. 

Fernando Jorge Parallel pendant in 18K yellow gold with 4.41 carats tigereye, $2,300; Parallel ring in 18K yellow gold with 3.19 carats tigereye, $4,850

Jacquie Aiche

While working on her most recent men’s collection, Jacquie Aiche shared that “every piece is meant to feel fierce and empowering, yet still honor the natural, effortless beauty of the earth. The intention behind this collection was to connect to the grounding spirit of Mother Nature through stones that protect and heal. Onyx, turquoise, labradorite, hematite, and lapis blend with powerful motifs that strengthen the soul.” 

Jacquie Aiche bracelet in 14K yellow gold with hematite beads and black diamond, $5,000


After the launch of his eponymous brand in 2009, Mateo concentrated on designing men’s jewelry. His first collection paid homage to a working man’s toolbox. Soon after, he also introduced a women’s capsule collection. He recently relaunched his men’s collection, calling it a return to his roots. It features designs from the original collection, as well as new pieces. The line showcases Mateo’s signature simplicity and minimalism with a masculine edge. This simplicity and his irreverent approach to jewelry make him one of today’s best men’s jewelry brands. 

Mateo Screw You necklace, $1,950; Scissor necklace in 14K yellow gold, $1,450; Secret Initial Bracelet in 14K yellow gold and black macramé with crystal quartz, $1,650

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