The Best Caviar Accessories and Pairings

From the most beautiful caviar servers to a set of stunning mother-of-pearl spoons, you’ll find everything you need to serve caviar in style here.

The Best Caviar Accessories and Pairings

If you’re serving caviar, you need to be sure you have the right supplies. Caviar has delicate flavors that can be overwhelmed by metal spoons and dishes, and it must be kept cold. Our guide to the best caviar accessories will show you the right pieces to buy so you can host a caviar party in style. We also include the best pairings, such as our favorite vodka to drink with caviar, and the perfect blinis and crème fraîche. 

The Best Caviar Accessories and Pairings

Buccellati Caviar Server

Buccellati Caviar Server

Italian house Buccellati is known for its exquisite engraving, which decorates both its jewelry and its sterling silver homeware. This decadent caviar server is crafted from sterling silver and has hand-engraved beading that mimics delicate caviar beads. Fill the silver dish with ice, then nestle the glass bowl into the ice to keep your caviar at the perfect serving temperature.  

Christofle Malmaison Caviar Spoon

Christofle Malmaison Silver Plated Horn Caviar Spoon

This ultra-luxurious spoon from French silversmith Christofle is made from horn, instead of mother-of-pearl, which is typical for caviar spoons. Horn preserves the delicate flavor of caviar just as well as mother-of-pearl, and the dark color makes a unique statement. It has a silver-plated, hand-engraved handle with Christofle’s Malmaison motif of water leaves and lotus flowers. Malmaison is the name of Napoleon’s favorite vacation castle, so this spoon comes with a royal pedigree. 

Scully & Scully Silver-plated English Caviar Bowl

Scully and Scully Silverplated English Caviar Bowl

This beautiful silver-plated bowl had a modern design. We love the clean lines and sculptural shape. The glass caviar bowl is held in place by three arms, so the caviar stays cool and secure. Every piece is made to order. 

Blue Pheasant Cora Small Mother-of-Pearl Spoons

Cora Small Mother Of Pearl Spoons, Set Of 6

You can’t go wrong with Blue Pheasant’s mini mother-of-pearl spoons. They are handmade using natural mother-of-pearl, so each one has a slightly different color and texture. We recommend buying a set of six spoons when hosting parties, so everyone can have their own. 

Marky’s Silver-plated Caviar and Vodka Server

Marky's Silver Plated Caviar and Vodka Server

If you love to pair your caviar with vodka, you need this silver-plated caviar and vodka server from Marky’s. It holds six crystal shot glasses and a covered caviar bowl, all submerged in ice to keep them ultra-cold. The server holds up to 500g of caviar, so it’s perfect for a party. 

Mother-of-Pearl Caviar Plate and Spoon

Mother of Pearl Caviar Plate with Sterling Rim and Spoon

If you’re eating your caviar right away, you might not need to keep it on ice. Place it on this beautiful mother-of-pearl caviar plate, and you’ll have an easy clean-up for your caviar snack. It has a matching spoon with a sterling silver tip. 

Chefanie Caviar Cocktail Napkins

Caviar Cocktail Napkins

These charming napkins from Chefanie are the perfect gift for your caviar-obsessed friends. The four linen napkins are hand-embroidered with caviar scenes, including a mother-of-pearl spoon, caviar tins, and a caviar-topped blini. 

Chopin Family Reserve Vodka

Chopin Family Reserve

Chopin Family Reserve is one of our favorite vodkas, and it pairs perfectly with caviar. We love the ultra-smooth taste, which comes from a special type of young potato. This vodka has a somewhat sweet profile and delicate flavors, which won’t overwhelm the caviar. 

Russ & Daughters Blinis

Mini Blinis by Russ and Daughters

We love to do caviar bumps, but if you prefer blinis, we recommend these from Russ & Daughters, a New York institution. Warm these light and fluffy blinis before serving, then pile them high with crème fraîche, caviar, and your favorite toppings.  

Russ & Daughters Crème Fraîche

Crème fraîche by Russ and Daughters

Whether you’re serving your caviar on a baked potato, blinis, or on potato chips, you’ll need some crème fraîche. Simply smooth on a thin layer and top with your favorite caviar or roe. 

FlowFly Mini Cooler

FlowFly Portable Mini Cooler

If you’re bringing caviar to a party or a picnic, you’ll need a small cooler to keep it cold. This mini cooler fits two small ice packs and will keep your caviar fresh until you reach your destination. 

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