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August Birthstone Jewelry: Peridot

August has several birthstones, but the most well-known is peridot. We love this brilliant green gemstone, especially in juicy apple-green colors.


August has several birthstones, but the most well-known is peridot. This beautiful green gemstone comes in a range of hues, from yellow-green to deep green, and lends itself to classic, stone-focused jewelry, as well as accents with other stones and colors. 


This stunning X necklace from Verdura features over 55 cushion-cut Burma peridots mixed with diamonds for sparkle and yellow-sapphire-set X shapes. The arrangement of stones gives a sense of playfulness to the important piece. It is sold with or without the detachable drop, which features a significant oval-faceted peridot, a fancy-intense yellow marquise diamond, and a white diamond. 

Verdura X necklace in 18K yellow gold and platinum with peridot, yellow sapphire, yellow diamond, and white diamond, price on request, 


This Saddle Cuff from Belperron is a unique take on a classic line bracelet. Artisans carve smoky quartz into a cuff, then set a line bracelet of peridot and fancy-vivid yellow diamonds into it. It is a gorgeous and modern piece. 

Belperron Saddle Series Cuff No. 3 in carved smoky quartz with 18K yellow gold, fancy-vivid yellow diamonds, and peridot, $115,000, 

Liv Luttrell 

British designer Liv Lutrell features a gorgeous peridot from Fuli Gemstones in this modern Spear Tip ring. The architectural shape isn’t just part of the design, it’s a unique way to set the 3.94-carat peridot. The sharp prongs flow into the rest of the curved ring, and the result is absolutely stunning. 

Liv Luttrell x Fuli Gemstones ring in 18K yellow gold with peridot, $8,610, 

Deborah Pagani 

These monochrome earrings from Deborah Pagani are simple and chic. Pear-shaped peridot is surrounded by a green enamel-coated gold frame, and the enamel’s hue enhances the color of the peridot stones. 

Deborah Pagani Uva earrings in 18K yellow gold and green enamel with peridot, price on request, 

Sanjay Kasliwal

These gorgeous earrings from Sanjay Kasliwal feature brilliant-green peridot, which appear even more vibrant when mixed with white opal and diamonds. Two marquise-shaped white opals sit at the center of the drops, and they are surrounded by pear-cut peridot set at different angles and diamonds. The result is both elegant and not too fancy, a signature of the house. 

Sanjay Kasliwal earrings in 18K gold with opal and diamond, $13,500, 

Nadine Aysoy

A beautiful 5.55-carat peridot takes center stage in Nadine Aysoy’s Tsarina ring, aptly named Apple. The juicy peridot is surrounded by a snowflake-inspired design, set with peridot and tsavorite. 

Nadine Aysoy Tsarina Apple Flake ring in 18K yellow gold with peridot and tsavorite, $6,260, 


Graziela mixes different cuts and colors of peridot in these chandelier earrings. A faceted peridot tops each earring, and emerald-cut peridot strands hang from them. The gold is covered in dark rhodium to add a bit of an edge, and diamonds accentuate the green color of peridot. 

Graziela earrings in 18K gold with dark rhodium, peridot, and diamond, $9,650,

Theo Fennell

British designer Theo Fennell uses pear-shaped peridot drops in these feminine earrings. Two diamond-set flowers accentuate the peridot drops, which are encircled in delicate diamonds. 

Theo Fennell earrings in 18K white gold with diamond and peridot, $35,300, 

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